Lake Superior College 2nd Place in Minnesota Collegiate Cyber Defense Championship

Lake Superior College came in 2nd place in a very close contest.  Congratulations to the team on a well deserved win!  They will now compete in a competition for all the Midwest state 2nd place teams to gain a spot as a wildcard in the Midwest Regional Championship.


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Lake Superior College Gets Center of Academic Excellence 2y Designation From National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security

Lake Superior College received a Center of Academic Excellence 2Y Designation from NSA and Department of Homeland Security.  Thanks to all the people at our school who helped us with the documentation needed for this designation.  This designation will help us to keep providing students with quality curriculum and to help our students obtain jobs.img_0196

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Welcome to Computer Information Systems (CIS)!

We are almost ready to start the fall semester and we are really excited to be providing our new and improved Network Administration and Cybersecurity A.A.S degree. We have lots of motivated students and we are anxious to get to know all of you in the fall semester.  If you have any technical difficulties you can email your instructor or the CIS student workers at

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LSC’s Network Administration and Cybersecurity Degree

We are really excited to be offering students additional security classes so that they can receive an A.A.S. in Network Administration and Cybersecurity. The majority of freshman decided to change to this new planner before next year.  Incoming freshman will all be using this planner. To make the transition easier, students who have completed one year already will have the opportunity to take CIS 1810 Network Administration: Security this summer.  This course won’t be offered in summer in any other years.  The new classes that have been added to the planner are the following:

  • CIS 2811    Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems Fundamentals
  • CIS 2812    Network Security Fundamentals
  • CIS 2813    Network Forensics and Incident Response
  • CIS 2814    Ethical Hacking and Systems Defense

It’s going to be a lot of fun for all of us, because we love cybersecurity!

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Congratulations LSC Cyber Defense Team!!!!

Congratulations to the LSC Collegiate Cyber Defense team for winning the state championship for the second year in a row!!!!!  The team includes:

Rodger Acker
Taylor Bolton
Zach Faughn
Shawn Faughn-Grover
Bob Friskey
Håkon Gundersen
Luke LaValley
Jordan Potti
Matt McCullough
Ron Williams
Luke Verlooy
Robbi Welty

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