Registration is NOW OPEN!

Hey everyone!

PLEASE PLEASE make sure to get registered for next semester.  The earlier you register the better it is for everyone, especially those looking to continue with on ground classes!  If you are unsure of what classes you need, or what electives to take, do not hesitate to email one of the instructors or

In other news, anyone that is still interested in CCDC or iCTF or CyberAces, let one of the student workers or Vickie know so we can get you the information.  These are all great things to be a part of if you have any interest in information security.  The job market is huge for people with any experience with information security tools!

On the programming side, we’re working on integrating WordPress into the curriculum.  We are also looking into ways of integrating the iPads and Nexus 7 tablets we purchased into the classes!


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