LSC/SCSU Partnership

Lake Superior College and St Cloud State University (SCSU) have been partners in a Cybercorps grant since 2015. Several LSC students have already received Cybercorps: Scholarship for Service awards and some are already in employed in positions with the government.  In 2017, LSC will award the Cybercorps scholarship to two students who have completed at least their freshman year at LSC.  Other qualified LSC students will be eligible as juniors at SCSU. Students must have at least a 3.25 GPA to be eligible and they must agree to work for Federal, State, Local or Tribal government for the same number of years they receive the scholarship.  Undergraduate students receive funding for tuition, books, travel and professional development.  In addition these funds, they also get a stipend of $22, 500 per year.  You can find more information about the scholarship at the Cybercorps FAQ page.  There is more information about the scholarship on the SCSU Cybercorps page.


Starting in Fall 2017, we have partnered with St Cloud State University to offer the second two years of their four year degree B.A. IT Security on the LSC campus.  They will use several methods to teach these courses, but the end result is that students won’t have to leave Duluth to finish their four year degree in cybersecurity.  In addition, LSC has lower tuition than most four year schools and attending LSC for the first two years can save students a lot of money.  At this time, there are some pre-program courses that LSC students will need to take before being eligible for all SCSU junior level courses.  For students with no prior coursework, they would need to take Calculus (Pre-Calculus), Into to Programming and 9 extra General Educations credits (which are meet the course requirements for SCSU general education).  If you have questions, contact Vickie McLain .